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Hornsea Gardeners' Fair
10am - 4pm
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 Woodlands Garden Design

Postal Design Prices
2016 - 2017
 "Outstanding value for money” (CL Boston, Lincs)
The following price information is subject to Woodlands Garden Design terms and conditions for postal design services.
A fixed price will always be agreed with clients before any work commences. 

Survey Pack

There is a £25 charge for the Survey Pack, including postage and packing.
This charge is payable prior to the pack being issued and will be deducted from the design fee when you book any of the Postal Design Services.
Payment should be made by cheque made payable to Imelda Malkin. 
Full Design Service
Gardens up to 250m2 
Gardens from 250m2 to 500m2 
Gardens from 500m2 to 750m2 
Gardens from 750m2 to 1000m2
Gardens over 1000m2 

add £50 for every extra 250m2
or part thereof.
Standard Design Service 
Gardens up to 250m2
Gardens from 251m2 to 500m2
Gardens from 501m2 to 750m2
Gardens from 751m2 to 1000m2
Gardens over 1000m2 
add £50 for every extra 250m2
or part thereof.
Planting Design Service 
Planting areas below 100m2
Planting areas from 100m2 to 250m2
Planting areas from 250m2 to 375m2 
Planting areas from 375m2 to 500m2
Planting areas over 500m2  
add £50 for every extra 250m2
or part thereof.
Payment for Postal Design Services is due in two stages
- 50% on booking (less the survey fee paid) and 50% on completion of the design.
Payments should be made by cheque payable to Imelda Malkin. 
You will be asked to sign a simple agreement beforehand to commit to the clearly agreed price and terms.